Industries We Serve

Waterworks and Waste Water Treatment Plants

We carry a full line of flange bolting products, including plated steel, galvanized, and stainless steel to meet every requirement.  We carry  Stainless Fig 137 U Bolts and produce studs in galvanized steel, stainless steel, and B7 bare and galvanized.

Mechanical Contractors

We carry everything you need to assemble piping systems, including bolts, studs, and figure 137 U Bolts up to 24”. Our extensive inventory means almost zero back orders and we will confirm shipment to your jobsite with carrier and bill of lading information on request.

Metal Fabricators

We stock one of the largest ranges of stainless-steel fasteners available in Canada. We carry an extensive  range of aluminum and stainless-steel blind rivets. Need  grade 5 plated,  Galvanized fasteners or A325 structurals in bare or galvanized. Buy what you need and keep your dead inventory to a minimum.

Fastener Distributors

You have access to 18,000 line items of stainless steel, galvanized, non-ferrous, B7, and other corrosion resistant materials.  Our extensive inventory minimizes  your back orders, saving you time and money!


Whether you are working below ground or above, we have the fasteners you need for repair, maintenance, or new construction projects. From potash to primary metals, from nickel to gold and silver, we have the corrosion resistant fasteners you need for production and refining.

Pulp and Paper

We have the largest range of 316 stainless in Canada, including bolts up to a 2″ diameter and socket caps up to 1 1/2″ diameter, for keeping your plant up and running. From refiner plate carriage bolts plus studs in any material in lengths up to 144″ to 316 chain, shackles, and turnbuckles, our professional team can help you find the right materials for the job.

Petro Chemical

At K2 Fasteners, we carry stainless fasteners of all types, and B7 studs (NC up to 2 ½”, 8 TPI up to 2”) and B7 heavy hex bolts up to 1 ½” in NC and 8TPI. We also carry a limited range of B16 and L7 studs and rod. PMI and mill test reports on file assure you of the quality you need.  Refiner, Pipe Line or Chemical Plant, we can meet your requirements!


We understand the needs of LNG Constructors. We supported mechanical contractors in the construction of the Canaport LNG facility in New Brunswick with a full range of Stud bolting, U bolts, Heavy Hex bolts and nuts, washers and bevel washers.

Shipyards: Steel, Aluminum, Wood and Fibreglass

We offer a full range of Stainless fasteners, including NC and NF plus metric A2 and A4 fasteners, and Galvanized Fasteners for wood construction and repair. From repair or new construction,  from Tugs to Trawlers, Freighters to Coastal Vessels, Lakers to Military Vessels, we have the materials you need!

Yacht and Pleasure Boat Construction

K2 Fasteners carries the widest range of stainless tapping screws up to #24 sizes and lengths up to 6”; square drive machine screws up to 3/8-16;  yacht strut bolts with drive and no drive; stainless bolts up to 24” long; and stainless chain, shackles, and turnbuckles. From canoes and kayaks to inflatables, from aluminum, wood, and fiberglass, fishing boats to ski boats and classic restorations, from cruisers to mega yachts and everything in between, we are your number one source for corrosion resistant fasteners.

Railing Manufacturers and Installers

We offer a full range of stainless tapping screws, including hex head, hex washer head, and lag bolts for face installation, as well as a great selection of concrete anchors, wedge, and drop-ins.

Metal roofing installers

We carry a selection of tapping screws with sealing washers and #17 for hole repair, as well as screws up to 6” long to bridge voids or insulation.

Glazing Installation

We offer a wide range of square drive pressure bar screws, stainless tapping screws, and self-drilling screws.

Vinyl window

K2 Fasteners carries many sizes of #10 tapping screws with #7 heads for hardware attachment.

Aluminum Windows

We carry a range of bare, painted or heat tinted (Rideau Brown) stainless screws, including #6 Pilot pin point tapping screws for screw chases. If you are looking for something unusual, our professional team can help.  Need a custom colour? Our painting sub-contractor can match almost any colour.

Universities and R & D

At K2 Fasteners, we carry all the unusual lengths, sizes, and materials you need for your projects.

Electronic Manufacturing

With a good range of nylon fasteners, aluminum standoffs, and spacers, stainless machine screws and tapping screws including type B screws for plastic, our team can help you find everything you need for assembling electronic equipment.


We offer everything you need to satisfy your customer, such as a full range  of Stainless:  bolts, figure 137 U-bolts, studs, concrete anchors, screws, tapping screws, stainless self-drilling screws up to 5/16” diameter, and stainless hand nails

Deck builders

We carry a full range of stainless deck screws in 18-8 and 316 stainless plus flat head tapping screws in sizes up to #24 and lengths up to 6”.

General Public

We offer our inventory to the public as long as our minimum order value is met. Need smaller quantities? We can direct you to a local distributor who can order that item with their stock orders.

Cannot find what you are looking for?

No problem! Give us a call and one of our experts will find it, build it or process it in house to meet your delivery requirements.

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