About Us

From the very beginning, it has always been our goal to provide our customers with the widest selection of stainless and other non-corrosive fasteners, as well as the best customer service in the industry and in Canada.
Widest selection of stainless and other corrosion resistant fasteners

Our Story

Under the direction of K2 Fasteners principals, Bert and Hana Clark and Gerry Romak, our small warehouse on Winston Street in Burnaby grew to include 9 bays plus branch locations in Edmonton, Winnipeg, Mississauga, and Dartmouth. In recent years, we have expanded and purchased new, larger warehouses in Burnaby and Edmonton.

Our goal is to give customers access to the widest selection of stainless and other corrosion resistant fasteners. We pride ourselves on supplying stainless and other corrosion resistant fasteners from the smallest to the largest, shortest to the longest, in as many types as we can.  We responded to your complaints of long deliveries for a range of steel fasteners.   This is why we carry a range of steel, B7, and galvanized products that customers often have difficulty getting off the shelf. Our experienced sales people, on-time delivery, quality material, and extensive inventory are our hallmark.

K2 Fasteners has also pioneered many items not previously available such as:

  • Square drive tapping screws—lengths up to 6” and sizes up to #24!
  • Square drive machine screws—in all diameters up to 3/8-16

  • Stainless self-drilling screws—up to #14 in square drive and 5/16 in hex washer head
  • Full specification Threaded Stainless Rod—We supply B8 (18-8) and B8M (316) to ASTM A193 in most sizes rather than generic material with unknown physical properties.

Our Values

We Value Honesty & Integrity


We Value Communication


We value quality products

We value our community


We value giving back

What Our Clients Are Saying

Best Quality Products At Best Price

… called your Burnaby office at 3:00Pm and you shipped 12pc 1 ½-6 x 6” 316 Socket cap screws from stock by Air Express. We would have been shut down for a few days, but your stock saved our bacon!

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